We have the pleasure to announce that RNESU will be using a service called Frontline Absence Management to streamline the process of recording and managing absences and finding substitutes district wide. The Frontline Absence Management system will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed via internet and phone. 

Employees are required to enter all absences (sick, personal, sick/personal, vacation, professional development) into the Frontline Absence Management system. Regardless if a substitute is required or not. 

Please note: Absences can not be entered into the system 1 hour before the start of the school day. Please check with your school administrative assistant on how to submit an absence during this time. 

Below you will find links to assist you in using the system. You also may access Frontline Support by logging into your Frontline account and clicking the ? in the top right corner.  Should you have immediate questions we encourage you to contact your school administrative assistant.

The District code is 7354 for use on the Frontline app.

Click on the links below for more information and tips for using Frontline.