Old Schoolhouses

At one time, there were 5 schoolhouses in Leicester.  The closest one to our school is the 4 Corners School, now the home of the Leicester Historical Society.  The Voyagers visited this National Historic Landmark.  Upstairs is a meeting area, with a stage that once housed an old hand-painted curtain.  The curtain has now been moved next door to the historic Meeting House.  Downstairs at the 4 Corners School is the old classroom, which still has the old chalkboard and a picture of George Washington.

The Voyagers looked at many old pictures in the schoolhouse.  We even discovered pictures of all of the old schools.  They have used an old school district map to locate which school their family would have attended.
                             Leicester Township, Addison County 1871

The Voyagers also visited the Meeting House and learned how painters would travel throughout the state making paintings of local landmarks.  Our curtain has a scene of the lake and local buildings and also has local businesses listed.