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Students Teaching Kids

posted Mar 12, 2012, 10:42 AM by Unknown user

The 1-2 class took a field trip to Moosalamoo this week, which is a selective program for Otter Valley students to learn and then teach others about nature and ecology. “Mossalamoo is an outside classroom” wrote Kaitlin in her journal. The high school teachers presented a workshop on mammal tracking. Josie explained: “Mammal tracking is where you look for scat and tracks. Scat is poop but you call it scat when you are mammal tracking so it doesn’t sound so weird.” Hayden wrote, “It was so, so fun to be there. We learned about waddlers, bounders, gallopers and diagonals. … They were the most best teachers ever.” According to Fraser, “A beaver is a waddler and a deer is a diagonal walker.” Keirstan summed up the trip by writing: “I want to go back to OV because it is fun. We got to go in the woods…. I was happy.”