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Strong, Active, Healthy Boys (SAHB)

posted May 31, 2013, 10:35 AM by Unknown user

Since the girls were off running, many boys wondered when they would get their turn! Mr. Chamberlain agreed to try out his own version of a program for boys that focused on improving physical fitness and nurturing emotional health, too. The outcome? Ten really happy boys from the three small schools. Hayden tells all:

My sister always talks about Girls on the Run and I really wanted something, too. My favorite thing to do is play capture the ring. We also do a 10-minute and 8-minute run. On the last day we played capture the ring after a soccer game. [The program] is for any boy who wants to do it. Some are there to get in shape, but some do it because they are really fast already and like to run with other kids. There are four kids from our school and also a bunch from Sudbury and Whiting.

Kudos is where you appreciate someone who did something really well that day. I once got it for the quarter-mile run.