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Sledding by Michaela Sunhawk, grade 4

posted Feb 28, 2014, 6:53 AM by Diane Randall


Today we went sledding and it was so fun!  It was fun when Paige, Kathryn, Kaitlin and I were on the round blow up sled.  We all were yelling “I am going to fall.”  We didn’t fall, we spun around many times.  I hope we go again sometime because it was so, so, so,  fun.  Paige, Kathryn, Kaitlin and I had a fun time.   We all want to go again.   We screamed at the top of our lungs.  I really want to know when we will go back.

 We had to walk up the side of the sliding  hill so nobody would run us over.  When one of the kids came down the hill Paige went with them, it was funny.   She laughed too.  I checked if she was okay,  she was.  She didn’t really go with them,  she kind of got dragged a little bit on the ground.                

Then we all got on a round sled and went down the hill.    We went straight and in circles.  It was fun, we were screaming a lot.  We were twisting and turning all over the hill.    When we were starting to slide Kari got stuck and everybody fell off the sled except me!  Paige started running and fell on my body, it was super funny, but I cried for help.  Paige got up and started running down to me.  She got hit by my sled and came down  with me.  We fell out off the sled.   

Kaitlin, Kathryn, Paige and I decided  to go down the hill on the round blow up tube.   We also decided to lock elbows so we wouldn’t fall off the  tube.  

We all climbed up the top of the big hill.  We wished there was an escalator so we wouldn’t have to climb up the hill so much.  It hurt our legs!

               When Hayden was coming up we ran him over.  Hayden said, “I am still alive, whoooooo!”  Kathryn accidentally kicked him on the side of his head.   It hurt a little bit.  Snow got on our faces, the snow was really cold.  We got snow in our clothes but it was too cold to go take our stuff off.

We had a great time!