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Shakespeare at Leicester

posted Jan 25, 2013, 11:07 AM by Unknown user

This year the Town Hall Theater of Middlebury’s Shakespeare, It’s Elementary! program is teaching our 4-6 students King Lear. This week students discussed and worked on “trust”. The activity included a challenging obstacle course that one student had to walk through in two minutes blindfolded. This student was allowed only verbal guidance from a partner. Morgan and Vicky were the only team who successfully completed the course. Morgan explained how she had to trust Vicky to lead her and listen very carefully.


Our student actors explained there is an actual character in King Lear named Gloucester who is blinded and must trust his son to lead him through the forest. On the one hand, students learned what it would be like to play this character.  On the other hand, students mentioned that they were going to have a challenging scene in the play and that they were all going to have to trust and listen to each other to be successful. Sounds like a great lesson!