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News from Leicester Alive!

posted Sep 11, 2013, 10:05 AM by Diane Randall

Leicester Alive! will be held every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the school year.  Cassandra Hayes and Celeste Romano will be our lead teachers.  Nancy McGill will coordinate the program.   Our September/October themes include:

Fall Fun and Fitness on Tuesdays, September 10 - October 22.  Children will be doing a wide variety of outdoor activities such as hikes, apple picking, soccer, cooperative games, and fitness.  Crafts, cooking, and literature will be integrated into the theme.

Games Galore! On Thursdays, September 5—October 24.  Children will be allowed to play! Play! PLAY! The children will be playing indoor and outdoor games, learning about the origins of games, and sampling games from around the world.  Children will be designing and making their own indoor and outdoor games to play with each other.

Variety Week Tuesday and Thursday, October 29 and October 31.  Variety week will include seasonal crafts, field trips, or other engaging activities.

Please call the school if you have questions or would like the forms to sign your child up.  We are always looking for volunteers, snack donations or suggestions for themes.