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Interview with two Fourth Grade Research Scientists

posted May 17, 2013, 8:33 AM by Unknown user

Hunter and Fraser are researching jellyfish and the Robber Crab. Ms. Grodin had the opportunity to learn a couple cool facts and get some tips on how to research. 

 Ms. G: What have you learned so far?

F: I learned that the Robber Crab can lift up to 60 pounds and it weighs only 9 pounds at the most. Its leg span is 3 feet and there are ten legs on the crab. It is also called the coconut crab because it climbs palm trees to peel and eat coconuts. They can’t go in water because they’ll drown! They don't know how to swim.

H: I am researching the jellyfish because it is too hard to look up only the Stinger Jellyfish. I found out jellyfish are used in medicine. Some are poisonous, live in groups, and were around before dinosaurs! The top part is call the “bell”  which is 6 feet long. Their only enemy is the sea turtle.

Ms. G: How did you learn these great facts?

F: I learned this by doing research at my house. I looked at videos about the Robber Crab and read an article in National Geographic  and on the website.

H: I used National Geographic and World Book Online to learn this information.

Ms. G: Do you have any tips to offer other students doing research?

F: It’s hard work. You have to concentrate a lot. It’s best to have an idea what you want to do before you start researching. If you don’t have an idea about want you want to learn about it’s going to be hard.

H: Be careful of sites that post people’s opinions or bad information.

F: If you find research on a topic that another student is learning about, you should share it. Then they might find some research for you!