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From the Principal

posted Nov 19, 2014, 10:28 AM by Diane Randall

I hope you are all doing well and you have made time to appreciate the beautiful colors that are all around us during this beautiful foliage season. As a teacher, I used to struggle with having kids inside the school "attending to their studies" as opposed to taking them outside to witness the beautiful surroundings…

As we continue to delve into Expeditionary Learning, I witness many different ways that learning takes place.  Just look at the Native American “Settlement” that has emerged on our grounds by the soccer field.  This is just part of an expedition the 3/4 class is conducting on Native Americans.  What you don’t always see is the work that goes along with the settlement in the classroom.  Math, Social Studies, Writing, and Reading are an important part of the expedition.  In this way, student see the “relevance” of their work.

Another difference you might notice is the way students are tested (assessed) during these “expeditions”. Assessing students at the “end” of the expedition is more of a traditional testing tool.  During an expedition, teachers are doing “formative assessments” that assess how they are understanding “so far”. Teachers can then personalize the learning to make sure that by the conclusion of the expedition, all students are proficient in their learning.  Even at the final “celebration” of learning, parents, teachers, and others are encouraged to ask questions to “assess” learning.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Expeditionary Learning please feel free to contact me at Leicester school.

Thank you and enjoy the fall!

Mr. Corey