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From the music corner -

posted Sep 11, 2013, 10:01 AM by Diane Randall

I’m happy to be back again for another year of music-making with the legendary musicians of Leicester Central School!  We have some fun things lined up for this year.  Third graders will be learning how to play the recorder, and fourth graders will be expanding their recorder knowledge while adding reading and writing music to their bag of tricks.  Fifth and sixth graders will begin the year with Mallet Madness!, a series of lessons that involve playing the pitched percussion instruments (xylophones, glockenspiels, etc.) and unpitched percussion (drums, shakers, etc.) as a cooperative group.  We are excited to have a large new instrument this year: a bass xylophone!  Later in the year, I have a plan for this class to put on a mini-musical, and we’ll also be learning songs from other major musicals.

Our younger students- preK, K and the beginning of grades 1-2—will be continuing the process of becoming singers, movers and instrumentalists using a curriculum called First Steps in Music (by John Feierabend). This exposes the students to lots of different musical experiences and helps them achieve the primary goals of using their singing voices, matching pitch, and keeping a steady beat.  In grades 1-2, we will also be working with learning the language of rhythm and how to read and write rhythm notation.  There will be time for instrument play, dancing, creative movement, and lots of singing.  I love working with the children and hearing their voices!

I’ll try to keep the music website updated regularly with song lyrics, links, and other information.  Please check it out!

  - Ms. Barron