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From the Math Classroom -

posted Sep 28, 2015, 6:23 AM by Diane Randall

From the Math Classroom—

Greetings from the Math Classroom and thank you to all who have made me feel so welcome at Leicester School.

Before coming to Vermont, I taught in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts (right off Rt. 7 actually, if you follow it for about three hours). I’ve worked in a bigger school, a medium-sized school, a small school like Leicester, and co-taught in a one-room school. Small schools are my favorites. I love that small schools foster a strong sense of community and give older and younger students opportunities to know each other well. And I am so happy to be in Leicester where the staff really work together to create a positive learning environment. There are lots of exciting things afoot here and I’m hoping that I can help make math a part of that for students.

A bit about what we’ve been up to in the Math Classroom:

1st graders have been doing a good bit of work with popsicles-graphing our favorites, looking at popsicle patterns, counting the sticks on twin pops by two’s, and learning about pennies and nickels to buy pretend popsicles at a class popsicle stand. This week the students wondered how many popsicles they would need to buy in order to give one to everyone in the whole school. To answer this question, they visited each classroom to find out how many students and how many adults were in each, then added class totals. The third graders, who have been working with double-digit addition, pitched in to find the whole-school totals for them.

Third graders have been reviewing strategies for adding and subtracting two-digit numbers efficiently. This week we created a pretend map of the town surrounding “Lake Mathmore’ and students measured and calculated how far different sites were from each other and then compared distances and calculated differences between them.

Fifth graders have been deeply involved in work with the volume and surface area of rectangular prisms and related multiplication and division strategies.

Students in all grades have been introduced to a variety of math games and older students have begun using the online Xtra Math program to build fact fluency.

- Mel Kobelin