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From Mrs. Allen's Math Room -

posted Oct 28, 2013, 7:28 AM by Diane Randall

 What’s been happening in math?
        Grade 1 has completed a unit on sorting, estimating, and counting by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s.  Our new unit continues with skip counting but begins a major focus on learning addition and subtraction math facts.  Please help your child become fluent by practicing math facts daily.  Many dice and card games can be a fun way to practice.
        Grade 3 has already completed a unit on graphs, functions and a review of addition and subtraction.  We are well on our way into a study of larger numbers and multi-digit computation.  We are beginning to explore mutiplication which will be a major focus throughout this year.
        Fifth grade has undergone a study of order of operations, prime and composite numbers, and algebraic functions.  We are currently exploring multi-digit multiplication and division.
        We are in the process of developing a math web page that will allow you to check in at anytime to see what your child is currently studying in mathematics.  The web site is in its beginning stages.  Be sure to check back frequently for updates.
           Mrs. Allen