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posted Sep 11, 2013, 9:58 AM by Diane Randall

FOLCS, Friends Of Leicester Central School, is a group that is formed of parents and community members to help facilitate in the growth and enrichment of Leicester children.  In the past several years we have accomplished several very successful fundraisers including a Leicester Cookbook.  We have donated time and funds to the students of Leicester via community suppers; a community dance; annual trunk-or-treat event; Leicester School t-shirts;  playground equipment and much, much more.

We have two big, exciting fundraisers we are hoping to put together for this year.  We would love for parents, grandparents and community members to be part of our group and events.  FOLCS meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm in the school cafeteria.  If you are unable to attend our meetings but would like to help out at our events and fundraisers, please contact one of our core members.

We are hoping that the activities and events we have planned for this coming year will provide opportunities for those attending to become acquainted and familiar with the school, community and one another. FOLCS hopes that these events inspire more people in our town and surrounding towns to volunteer in our school and community.  We want to reach out to community members who have talents and ideas and would be willing to share them with students and others who are interested.

Thank You,  
Heather LaPorte, Jill Comes, Jennifer LaRock, Liza Miner and Angela Ouellette