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Fit Kids Finishes Up and Gardening Time Begins

posted May 15, 2012, 8:27 AM by Unknown user
10 students have been getting fit with Mrs. Hayes for the past three weeks in the school’s Leicester Alive! program. Lots of tag and kickball have been played for a cardiovascular work-out, but the kids’ favorite activity was a field trip to Middlebury Fitness for a BOSU class! Children used activity balls for a variety of challenges that took a lot of concentration and team work. Mrs. Hayes has been impressed by the way these students support and encourage each other. To celebrate the last day of the club, students designed their own obstacle course for Mrs. Hayes and Ms. McGill!

Looking forward to getting into the dirt? Mrs. Hayes will lead an opportunity for students to garden both edible and non-edible plants with Gardening Time. Our new greenhouse will hopefully be an asset as Mrs. Hayes has big plans that she would not disclose! Gardeners can look forward to a guest speaker and field trips, too—there are a few spaces left!