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Compass Music and Art Program

posted Jun 3, 2015, 10:37 AM by Diane Randall


When 3-6 went to the Compass Music  and Art Program we saw Danny Gilman's drawings.   We got a tour of all different kinds of things.  We saw different kinds of music players.  We went to see Muffy Kashkin’s art work of yarn and felt.  We went to see a few guys making a model train track that shows how it goes from town to town.  After we had to write a poem about Danny Gilman’s drawings.  Three kids in my class won awards for their poems.  I was one of them. This is my poem:


Playful kitten playing with a flower.


A kitten being so curious,  just like me.                                                                       

A  gray kitten being so curious outside, just like me.        


By Cole Disorda



April 30th was Poem in your Pocket Day, a national event—a day when people are encouraged to carry about a favorite poem throughout the day to share with others.  An evening event was held at the Compass Music and Art Center in Brandon, VT and many of our Leicester students were honored for their poems and read them at this event.  Congratulations to the following students for their individual awards—


Grade 3—Cole Disorda, honorable mention Grade 6—Grace Cole, excellence in poetry

Grade 4—Issac Eastman, excellence in poetry Grade 6—Anoushka Pschorr, excellence in poetry

Grade 4—Ryleigh LaPorte, honorable mention Grade 6—Rune Speyers, honorable mention

Grade 5—Josephine LaRock, excellence in poetry Grade 6—Kinsey Moyer, honorable mention

Grade 5—Hayden Bernhardt, honorable mention Grade 6—Rena Taylor, honorable mention


Mrs. Beste’s class also received the POETRY FROM THE HEART award for the overall quality of student work.  Congratulations to all!