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5/6 Class Raves about Richard III & Says Thank You

posted Nov 9, 2012, 11:19 AM by Unknown user
Mr. James Maroney of Leicester helped make it possible to send each student in the 5/6 class to see the Middlebury Actors Workshop perform William Shakespeare’s Richard III. When planning this event last summer, teachers were concerned that the students would find the play too long. Boy, were we wrong! Here are some of the great responses thanking Mr. Maroney:



I liked the play Richard III by William Shakespeare because I thought the swords and the people acting were very realistic. The action was like it was right in front of me, almost at my feet. At the end of the play I thought King Richard was really dead! I also liked the way the actors spoke, so loud and also soft. —Samantha


My favorite parts were when the lord’s head came on stage and when the sword fight happened. It looked so real! The head wasn’t a cabbage in a bag, it was  a real looking head with hair and facial details which included blood and a rag covered with blood! The sword fight looked like they had actual swords! In the end it was Richmond vs. Richard. In the end Richmond killed Richard. I think that happened from this curse Bloody thou art. Bloody will be thy end!” In the end, the curse came true!!! Ian


I love the part when King Richard killed the husband of the daughter. When she yelled at him for killing her husband he gave her a ring. I would not have married my husband’s killer. —Kiaria