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5/6 Castleton College Visit

posted Mar 1, 2013, 8:34 AM by Unknown user

On February 5 the 5/6 class visited Castleton State College for the day. Students took a tour of the campus, ate in the cafeteria and spoke to students and professors. Our students came back exhilarated by the experience! For most it is their first time seeing a college campus—it is never too early to start thinking about college.  Here are some highlights:


"We had a tour of the buildings and ate a good lunch.  I liked everything especially seeing a place I had never seen before.  I am getting really excited about going to college.  I am going to study harder to get to a college.  I want to go to Castleton."  Steven


"We had a tour of the whole campus and learned even more about the American Revolution!  Now I have a standard by which to compare colleges. I am even more excited about going!  I'm working really hard to get to a good college for technology."  Ian


"I am glad I could go see a college for the first time because now I would like to go to college.  I would love to go to Castleton State College.  The fine arts building was my favorite and makes me want to go there to study music."  Kiara