Grade 1-2 Links

Title Web Address
Judy Moody's book series  Author website 
Ashley Wolff  Author website 
Robert Munsch  Author website 
Ron Roy (A to Z Mysteries)  Author website 
Jan Brett  Author website 
Eric Carle  Author website 
Ted Scheu, the Poetry guy  Author website 
Junie B. Jones  Book website 
Clementine books  Book website 
Magic Treehouse  Book website 
Flat Stanley Books  Book website 
Comic Creater  Comics 
Comic Strip Maker  Comics 
KidRex  Kid-Safe Search Engine 
Kids Click!  Kids Search Site 
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives  Math Games 
National Geographic Pioneer  Online Magazine Grades 2-3 
Starfall  Reading 
ICT Games  Reading and Math Games 
Solar System  Solar System 
More Solar System  Solar System 
Astronomy / Solar System  Solar System