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4 Corners School

The Voyagers also visited one of the original six schoolhouses.  The 4 Corners School is located near our present school.  The students saw the small coatroom and the single classroom. They saw a round hole in the wall where the stovepipe was located.  They saw the original chalkboard on the wall and looked at many old pictures of schools and students.  Then they went upstairs to the old town meeting room and saw the stage where students would put on shows for their families.

Visiting the classroom in the 4 Corner school.   Posing under an old portrait of President Washington.
  The hand-painted curtain which used to hang upstairs at the 4 Corners schoolhouse.  It is now on display at the Leicester Meeting House next door.
 Posing on the stage upstairs at the 4 Corners schoolhouse.  The curtain used to hang there.